Sept. 23rd -Private House Concert Dublin (sold out)
Sept. 24th -The Caboose Club Fahan Co. Donegal with The Henry Girls 9pm
Sept. 25th -Lily’s Bar and Tea Room Malin Town Co. Donegal 8pm
Sept. 26, 27, 28 (open)
Sept. 29th -Uncle Tom’s Cabin Sessions Dundrum
Sept. 30th -Private show Kilkenny
Oct. 1st -(two gigs) Goat Island Cottage noon-6pm (songwriter seminar)
Welcome Inn Bar in Ardmore Co. Waterford 9pm
Oct. 3, 4 (open)
Oct. 5th -Noleen’s Fund Raiser in Dublin (will post info)
Oct. 6th -Private House Concert in Bray
Oct. 7th -Sheela-na-Gig coffee house Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary 8:00pm
Oct. 8th -Eileen’s Tea Rooms, Castleblayney Co. Monaghan 8:00 pm
Oct. 9th (open)


Americana, Folk, Blues, Country, Celtic, Charlie Roth is a unique blend of all these genres. What Charlie is best at is telling a story with his rich baritone vocal, acoustic guitar, rack harmonica, and foot percussion. His fifth album ‘Broken Ground’ reached up to #6 on the Euro Americana charts and continues to get air play all over the world. He has recorded with the likes of Sam Bush, Michael Bland and other American legends. A consummate showman, an entertainer with countless gigs under his belt, Charlie has mastered the art of playing and singing from his heart, exuding the sheer joy of making great music which can be felt by everyone who is connected to that magical and medicinal spiritual grace. “Story telling of the highest order, Charlie Roth is a name to remember” Ralph McLean show BBC in Northern Ireland “His singing style and his narrative art are a perfect blend of words and meaningful lyrics” Valsem, Rootstime Netherlands “He has an honesty to his voice, a been-there, lived-it nous that lends his tales credibility and raises his music up a notch or three” Americana UK on Charlie Roth