Past Lives (1999)

Rogues of St. Gremain-Charlie Roth-CD-2006

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Charlie’s first solo CD and was recorded in St. Cloud MN at Hammond Egg studio co-produced by John Hammond and features mostly the same band that is on 2002’s album “Star Motel” it features 12 songs, some of these written as far back as 1993 but most were from around 1995 written for a band Charlie started called ‘Los Hombres’. Charlie’s rock and blues influence is pretty apparent here although the folk and country are also present but it is pretty much a band record. Standout tracks are the Dylan influenced ‘Gone‘, ‘Girls N Cars’ a trippy beach dream song, ‘Fallout from the War’ from his time spent performing on the wards of the VA medical center, ‘Rae Ann’ a love song for Bev in the form of an apology, and Charlie’s kid’s favorite the goofy blues tune ‘Monkey Stew’. There are two songs written after Charlie had been reading some books like ‘Black Elk Speaks’ and became interested in native American spirituality ‘Blood Red Sky’ and ‘Pipe Dream’. There is one comedy song showing Charlie’s sense of humor and excellent wordsmithing abilities ‘Country Cliché’ a follow up to Steve Goodman’s‘Perfect Country Western Song’.


Title Lyrics Listen
1 Gone
Lyric Button
2 Girls N Cars
3 Deep of the Night
4 Blood Red Sky
5 Money Stew
6 Big Time
7 Rae Ann
8 Everything Blue
9 Country Cliche
10 Passing Through
11 Pipe Dream
12 Fallout from the War