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WEBSITE:  charlierothmusic.com/

FACEBOOK:    www.facebook.com/charlierothtroubadour?fref=ts

YOUTUBE:  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4z5IQUvEtGmGc865O_4JBg/feed

REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/charlieroth

PHONE:  320-492-109

EMAIL: charlierothmusic@gmail.com

2013 PR Write-up

Singer, Songwriter, International Performer with 3 UK tours under his belt, Guitarist, One-Man Band, Bard of the Great Plains, Emissary of The Prairie. Charlie plays a mix of originals and puts his own twist on well-known songs that will sometimes bring a tear to your eye and sometimes get your feet stomping. A consummate entertainer, Charlie’s motto is have a good time every time. Charlie has been making his living playing music for over 30 years. You may be familiar with his work with the Irish folk group Ring of Kerry. He also is associated with his own group The Healers, Kurt “Lightning” Rodman, and Tommy Vee, among others. He has recorded 7 Cds/records with such greats as Sam Bush, Michael Bland among others, 6 of which are still in print.
You can preview his music on YouTube.

Highly recommended are:

‘Baltic Avenue’ http://youtu.be/WyZhJXGv5Q4

‘Home to Me’ http://youtu.be/xhH-q0-qpkA

‘Train Town’http://youtu.be/xtJxBoTLJI4

’Broken Ground’http://youtu.be/1XwU69zLgOk