Baltic Avenue
Written by CA Roth 2012

We had a house next to community chest
Purple yard it was our little love nest
Mediterranean neighbors and an Income Tax view
Just past Go on Baltic Avenue

I lost my job when they shut down the
Short line road
No brakeman’s income to declare anymore
Go directly to jail the chance card read
And by the way your mortgage is due on Baltic Avenue


They took the whole American pie
Left not a crumb for the rest to survive
Our race has been run and our neighbor’s got the same
Time to clear the board and start a brand new game

Them Boardwalk bullies and their Park Place pawns
Put up a hotel in what was my lawn
They got Marvin Gardens and the Water Works too
Now we’re all screwed on Baltic Avenue

We’re sleeping in free parking in a broken down car
Might bed down in the Reading Railroad yard
A distant vision of an American dream
That we all once knew on Baltic Avenue