Cactus Heart

Written by CA Roth 2012

He had a Cactus Heart I’m told
Spinney like a prickly pear
Hard to handle hard to hold
He had a Cactus Heart I’m told

He guarded it with a gun
Whenever someone got too close
His inclination was to run
He left her on there on the cactus coast

But sometimes in his drifting hours
He’d think about his desert flower
How he’d left her standing there
Wedding ribbons in her hair

He sailed back that southern coast
He found them in their waking hour
His blinded rage he could not control
For her lover and his desert flower

He fled into the cactus hills
and left those lovers cold and still
Still locked up in their love embrace
The look of lust still on their face

They found his heart all full of holes,
spines all splattered on the road
His shotgun tore it all apart
He was a man with a Cactus Heart