Written by CA Roth and Matt Harlan 2012

No one remembers Mary Beth Brown
a pale farmer’s daughter, blond hair hangin’ down
A beautiful flower, dressed up like a weed
She blew town like the wind would carry a seed
She had a family that loved her, a beautiful home
Till a wreck on the highway left her all alone
The bank took it all except the old ford
Was it fate, just bad luck, or the will of the Lord?
She drove into the city, to make a new start
With the family bible and a hole in her heart.
And she cried cried cried when they died

Daffodil they gave the name
To the fair haired girl who got caught in the game

Our little seed had blown west on the wind
to a crack in the sidewalk on east Hennepin
She painted her eyes as black as the night
grew into the flower of each man’s delight
Near the Lowry Hill Pawn Shop and the Ace Liquor Store
she plied her trade by the billiard hall door
How quickly she took to that blanket of sin
and forgot all about the shy farm girl within
Amidst the sounds and the smells of the night
beneath the broken sign’s flickering light
it read “Girls Girls Girls Beautiful Girls”

Daffodil fair sidewalk flower
to the older men who rent rooms by the hour

Daffodil yellow haired whore said goodbye cruel world
and walked through the door

An empty bottle of pills on the floor by the bed
In the family bible that laid by her head
a note that was written in her final hour
between the pages a pressed yellow flower

Daffodil in a red summer dress
and the wind stood still when they laid her to rest
Daffodil planted on potters hill
and the wind stood still