Everybody Wants (What We Got)
C A Roth 11-07

Picking petals off a flower pondering the question
the answer is never she loves me not
cherishing the hours together counting the minutes apart
everybody wants what we got

everybody needs that someone no they might not admit it
might of had the chance and missed the shot
what you get don’t take for granted take a little seed and plant it
everybody wants what we got

as we walk hand in hand together
people think we’ve been in love forever
took allot of work to get it back

you let it slide and it’s a sad sad story
once you’ve rode the train of glory then
let that train run off the track
and second chances don’t come easy
I can’t believe we got so lucky
when grace gave love one second thought
you might be broke or you might have money
look at love as joke it’s funny
everybody wants what we got