Matt Morrow/C A Roth -June 2013

Half way up to Dallas
Standing still in a truck
Staring at the angry sky
Pushing our luck

Hailstone up ahead of us
Twister from the south
Wonderin’ what the hell to do
With our hearts up in our mouth

I couldn’t move
I just stood there mesmerized
Mother natures awesome power
built a wall cloud in the sky

Tim said let’s get out of here
it’s bound to come our way
I told him that a highland boy
Don’t see this everyday

Just give me five more minutes
five more minutes
Give me five more minutes
Then we’ll be on our way

I was like that twisted wind
I was an angry troubled child
down tainted streets of sin
I was a whirlwind running wild

My dad tried to tame me down
I thought I knew it all
He used to say it was
like talking to a wall

Five more minutes
sure wish I had five more minutes
Wish I had five more minutes
So I could tell him I heard it all

..solo.. Am D ..Five More Minutes 3 times
so I could tell him I heard it all


Take a little time
Give yourself some space
Gather where your going
Forget about the race
and just take five more minutes
And have a little faith