CA Roth 0ctober 2012

Last night Al fell into the band
Took out a guitar and a mic stand
He’d been dancing with Diane
had a dram glass in his left hand

But the years been kinda rough
Perhaps he’s just lost it or his job sucks
Might be trying to drown his sorrow
I bet his head will hurt tomorrow

Most people want to be good
They’d be good if they could
You might see em down a wrong way
You could’ve caught em on a bad day
Most people want to be kind
Try a little love and they should
might step a bit out of line sometimes
most people want to be good

Besides some bullies on the block
Hitler and Stalin and Saddam Hussein
Most people try to do the right thing
Help keep the world from going insane

It aint getting any easier to
Rise above all this insanity
Take the high road when we disagree
Have some more faith in humanity