Long Haul
Effron White ©2009 Sticker Freak Music (BMI)

He pulls into Waco on Saturday night,
Finds a little bar and parks his big rig out back,
Buys a shot of whiskey and a cold Fat Tire
It’s been a long haul.
He engages the bartender in big small talk,
How he learned to shift gears before he learned how to walk,
He shakes a cigarette from a crumpled Camel pack,
It dangles from his lip as he strikes his last match,
he takes a long draw as his eyelids fall,
the smoke ring he blows floats toward the back wall
It’s been a long haul
He says his whole life has been like that smoke ring,
Slowly drifting down and disintegrating,
His ex took the baby when he was home on a binge,
They’re somewhere up north he ain’t seen ’em since then,
Got a letter from that thirty year old kid the other day,
Said she Googled him up she’d like to meet him someday,
He drops an ash in his empty shot glass
Like one of many bridges he burned in his past
shoulda quit the cancer sticks a long time ago
But it’s too late now they’ve taken their toll,
Might live six months if I’m lucky I guess,
Doc says I’d best wrap up all my business
It’s been a long haul
I’ve been on the road now since I was eighteen,
Nicotined and caffeined and dropping Visine,
I’m fifty-four now and I can’t stand to see,
Where five million miles has finally brought me
It’s been a long haul
He grinds his cigarette butt in the bottom of the glass,
Drinks up his beer and says I better get off my ass
I’ve got someone to meet that I’d like to get to know
Hey, Buddy…Got a match?… I’m headin’ up that road
I’ve got a long haul