Mornin’ Coffee

C A Roth 3-19-08

You’re my morning coffee that I need so much
drink you down at 7 little pick me up
get me going again I’ll take another one at 10

you’re my chewable multi-vitamin little water in a Dixie cup
I take you every day I will eat you up
I take you every day I will eat you up

you’re my toast and honey lover in your silky red bed clothes
like to peel off your covers and slide them to your toes
do I detect a wiggle in them curly little toes?

round about the twilight I slip into our bed
feet so cold I wake you up but that was my intent
hey wake up you sleepy head

you’re my morning coffee and sometimes in the afternoon
later on in the evening we gaze up at the man in the moon
and we wonder if he’s whistling a tune about heaven