Charlie Roth and Buddy Mondlock April 2014

Mourning you, you, you
Says the bird on the window sill
Ooo, oo, ooo, oo, ooo
Morning dew on my shoes
A walk to clear my head
Every thing you said
still ring true

Missing you, you, you
There’s a wind in the willow tree
Ooo, oo, ooo, oo, ooo
A song weeps in there too
Nothing but a breeze,
whispered melodies,
and memories

of a kid in his room so long ago
six strings and hi-fi stereo
all that soul his young ears heard
hanging on every word
hanging on every word

Now you’re free so free
Not tied down by your dreary chains
Ooo, oo, ooo, oo, ooo
Come any time you please
Your songs will remain
Some things in me you’ve changed
Still singing through…Mourning You