C A Roth 1995 *rewrite 2013

My wanderin’ dusty boots walked through our doorway
I’d been on the road for way too many days
I saw your empty closet and
the letter that you left me on the table
that said I left you lonely
It read I heard you on the radio
You sounded like a star
I wouldn’t want to slow you down
On the road to where you are

Rae Ann I am broken down and weary
Rae Ann I need you here to heal me
It seems I’ve left the candle burning at both ends
I want you as my lover and I need you as my friend
And if you would please come home
So I could leave you again

I tried to be a carpenter but I’m too much a dreamer
I am afraid I might lose a finger
I’d work for the man with a retirement plan
But it wouldn’t be fair because my heart isn’t there
I got this guitar when I was very young
It’s part of what I am and what I have become
And I know it’s a hard thing that I’m asking you..