Star Motel

C A Roth-2001

I got your machine I guess you’re out somewhere
I’m at the star motel On the west end of nowhere
Boat framed bed Fake walnut panel
Color TV Only got one channel
Nothing to do but play the guitar
Here’s the number Call me at the star motel

Last night I turned Another year older
Amidst the smoke And the cold Budweiser
It was a range town On a rowdy night
A slow dance later Led to a fight
Me in the middle in a colored light
Singing Do you remember when?
Another day in the life Another night in the bar
Call me later honey I’ll be at the star motel

Well it’s the star motel
Next to the lucky seven
Somewhere out there
Sure the hell ain’t heaven
High school hockey
On channel eleven
And I sure miss you

The life I know Is full of smoke & liquor
It’s the life I choose Honky-tonk picker
But it sure gets old As you get older
And your trail gets cold And you end up nowhere
When I was younger I thought I’d go far
I’ll be home soon honey Till then I’m at the Star Motel