Uley Mill Song

Written by Jack Hardy
Copyright 2007 JS Hardy BMI

I left Ireland long ago
to work the mills in the Cotswolds
so Nelson’s tars and Wellington’s guards
could fight the tyrant Bonaparte

every day I would walk to work
down past the pub and the Norman church
I saw the light up in your room
and through the day I thought of you 

for fourteen hours we toiled in gloom
the water powered the broadcloth looms
we dyed our wool a deep woad blue
far deeper still the eyes of you 

that market day you caught my eye
and for a moment even smiled
but for that moment I scrimped and saved
and dreamed how we would fly away 

but now they’re all for steam and coal
millwork’s moving to the north
they cut our wages to the bone
and with my brogue I was the first let go 

so I walk down the Owlpen road
past manor houses locked and sold
stopped by the Old Crown for one last pint
had not the heart to say goodbye