Written by CA Roth 2012

Well wadayagonado it’s not a little snafu
She walked out on you in that little black dress
Red pumps and pearls, and your favorite perfume
it’s one heck of a mess, but wadayagonado

A discreet little rendezvous
With some dude that she just met
A man of means she meant to get
She’ll take him all the way to Venus
I’ll just bet he’s got a big -car

But wadayagonado with that fish filet knife
You’re out of your gourd, he’s out with your wife
She’s such a floozy, but you own an Uzi
They’ve taken your life, so wadayagonado

Hiding in the bushes by his condo
You look so masculine in camou
Bandoleers and several clips of ammo
Hey is that an AK-47?
You’ll make breaking news at 11

Wadayagonado, you’ve been so darn depressed
Your life is a mess, so wadayagonado
You’ve got nothing to lose so wadayagonado