Waitress in a White Dress

C A Roth and D P Stoddard 2-12-08

Have you heard the rumor goin’ round
it’s a scandal that has rocked the town
the waitress got herself a wedding gown
would be married to the king

but the waitress in the white dress
before the wedding saw the mistress
making whoopee on the mattress
in the chamber of the king

the stately king in a state of undress
went out the window it was such a mess
cuz the waitress and the mistress
threw a shadow on the throne

it was totally outrageous
she lost control it was contagious
I guess the waitress tore the white dress
in the tussle with the mistress
threw a glass across the castle lawn
drove drunk to the loan and pawn
laid her diamonds down and she was gone
to her mom’s in Minneapolis

the copper statue has a tarnished hue
state of the nation now in shambles too
but I guess she’s still a waitress
at a café called the Capital View
and the kings before the congress
allegations that he must address
although his alibi was weak at best
another victory for the king