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Charlie Roth’s 7th solo album is a collection of 12 new tracks. Once again he takes us with him on the journey! from the desert hill country of Texas to the heather clad glens of bonny Scotland. There is a song of his home on the plains, a waltz across love, and a reflection on social change, some barstool ballads about thinkin’, drinkin’, and cheatin’.  Charlie delivers stories as always plain and simple, inspired songs, inspiring playing, and inspirational singing.

Highly influenced by the storytelling of Texas songwriters and his past efforts have likened him to Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark, Townes VanZant and others in that tradition.  It wasn’t until he joined the Celtic band 3 years ago that he immersed himself in the musical traditions of the British Isles. Charlie’s last record ‘Broken Ground’ went to #6 on the Euro Americana charts and garnered him two European tours and both times it brought him to the highlands of Scotland. There are two traditional Celtic songs ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ and ‘Jolly Bold Robber’

There are two covers, one of which is ‘The Ully Mill Song’ from the late great New York City songwriter Jack Hardy whom Charlie met and befriended in Texas at the Kerrville Folk Festival. “Jack is a legend and a hero to many including me and even though he also wrote cowboy songs he could write a song you would swear was written three hundred years ago in Ireland.'” says Charlie “He also co-wrote another track on the record called ‘Holy Mother of God’ with me but refused to take any credit.” The other is a beautiful waltz ‘In My Eyes’ written another recently departed well respected songwriter Tim Henderson who Charlie met at a club he was working in Austin. “Tim heard me singing and gave me five of his CDs, it was pretty obvious he wanted me to cover one of his tunes. I found that waltz and it just leveled me.  It is exactly what a woman wants to hear from a man. When I heard he passed away I knew that was a sad day in Austin Texas and if that song isn’t a hit record I don’t know a damn thing about what is.”


West Central Tribune-April 18th 2013

Baby Blue Arts – Dec 2019“Charlie Roth is a master of songwriting and singing. He creates a musical and emotional landscape with his original storytelling. Joined here by 2 talented friends: The Healers.”




Americana UK
“He has an honesty to his voice, a been-there, lived-it nous that lends his tales credibility and raises his music up a notch or three”  Americana UK on Charlie Roth

John Davy FSR July 15th 2012
“I’m so pleased he’s been able to nail on record what makes him such an engaging performer; he has an absolute devotion to song and a child-like enthusiasm for all the wonders that the world of song can unfold, so these twelve songs are just a sample of what he can do, and just possibly the finest slice of transatlantic folk that you’ll hear this year”. John Davy FSR on Charlie Roth‘s Tartan Cactus Heart


Ralph McLean show BBC -December 31, 1969
“story telling of the highest order, Charlie Roth is a name to remember” Ralph McLean show BBC in Northern Ireland


Kudos for my songs and such
some people have said some nice things about my music. when you stop to listen you will realize that I do have something to say it is sure nice to hear a reply once in awhile. thanks from the bottom of my heart..Charlie


Flying Shoes Review UK -August 1, 2012

“I have to say he writes as he sings, which is to say that he is thoughtful and heartfelt. I believe, the title track ‘Broken Ground’ is a paean to the land he sprang from, a world that’s disappearing as the young folk don’t hang around anymore. It’s kind of familiar territory for the Americana music scene, but a fine song nonetheless, evocative of wide open spaces”. John Davy, Flyin’ Shoes review England UK


Roots Time Netherlands -October 1, 2010
“His singing style and his narrative art are a perfect blend of words and meaningful lyrics” Valsem, Rootstime Netherlands


Alt Country Reveiw Netherlands -November 1, 2012
“A disc, which is currently quite rightly doing really well in the Euro Americana Chart is Broken Ground, the fifth of the American singer-songwriter Charlie Roth. It is the best kind of Americana. A tastefully understated work and wonderfully intimate, really great songs, the ones that make you instantly warm up inside. Strong stories connected to strong melodies!” Alt- Country Review, Netherlands


Radio Show Host-Berlin Germany -September 1, 2010
“finally NOT just another *good sounding / well produced/played Roots release to fit the Americana market* (like all the rest) .. what you’ve done is *the real thing* … just *music* … excellent and really 100% *my thing*! … this is what I’m looking for .. which I get VERY seldom” Lord Litter DJ, Berlin Germany



Charlie Roth helps bring a message of Peace and Goodwill to Upper Galilee
Charlie Roth-MN8-Christmas at the Fallen Angel Lounge
Menachem Vinegrad, who runs Israel’s leading Roots Music Festival The Jacobs Ladder Festival and broadcasts on Radio Upper Galilee says this of Charlie Roth’s “Christmas at the Fallen Angel Lounge” and Broadcasting a Christmas message in modern Galilee.

“It is a fun song, and pretty universal in its sentiment. I do a combined Hanukkah & Christmas program at this time of the year. There is a minority Christian population here, also some Messianic Jews ( Jews who believe in Jesus as the Messiah, some of whom I know listen to my show)  Anyway I think that the message of peace and goodwill is one that should be spread.
I enjoy Charlie Roth , and had intended to include “Candle Song” from Broken Ground , before the single arrived, in time time for the broadcast.
Season’s Greetings”,


Charlie Roth review-MAVERICK---May-Issue 2011